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  • Build Mental Toughness, Signature Strengths and Strong Relationships

    Sailing provides the perfect Test Bed for leaders to play out proper scenarios with genuine real-time consequences.

  • A crew climbing on a boat read for a group picture taken over the shoulder of the photographer

    Tough, Exciting and Rewarding challenges.

    Sailing training in an inspiring location is designed to be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, where individuals are extended and tested through tough, exciting yet rewarding challenges.

  • A Team Racing a performance sail boat

    Mark Twain says it all...

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

  • Military DNA

    Distilling the Spirit of Adventure found in today's British Armed Forces into a unique reward and development programme in the British Virgin Islands.

Welcome to
The Drake Academy

Whether your trying to retain Staff, Develop them or simply reward them; improve your employer brand with a Sailing Programme.

Drake Academy are a training company providing Experiential Leadership Programmes proven to bring rapid and effective benefits to your organisation. The Academy’s programmes are derived from the successful British Armed Forces Adventure Sailing Programmes.

The British Military has a strong track record of developing engaged employees (new term – old concept). In the armed forces, there is a natural imperative for doing so; the services’ operate to maximise individual and organisational performance.

We offer you maximum benefit from a short, but realistic, time investment.

According to a recent Government report Leadership is a key factor; Alimo-Metcalfe & Bradley (2008) were able to show that:

Engaging leadership does, in fact, predict productivity. We also found that this style of leadership increases employees’ motivation, job satisfaction and commitment, while reducing job-related stress.”

Drake Academy works with clients to bring a distilled, multi-dimensional, layered, sailing programme to deliver the benefits of a highly engaged workforce.

According to Perrin-IRS (2006) in a study of 664,000 global employees:

  • Highly engaged workforce: Improved operating income by 19.2 and 13.7 per cent improvement in net income growth
  • Low engagement: Scores saw operating income decline by 32.7 per cent over the same period and saw net income growth decline by 3.8 per cent.

We offer you maximum benefit from a short, but realistic, time investment.

Our Rewarding Leaders Programme is 5 – 7 days sailing in the British Virgin Islands (stability & breadth) is layered with audience appropriate scenarios, tasks and challenges.

Overlaying this we deliver Business School type content bringing one of the best advantages to bear – the linking of theory and practise. Finally to bridge these advantages back to the workplace, we use range of audience-specific projects, presentations, and journal keeping to blend with other your own training programmes or initiatives. We use independent industry standard Employee Engagement questionnaires and/or interviews to validate the training.

The training element is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management and can lead to recognised Leadership, Management, or Coaching qualifications. The programmes draw heavily on our teams experience of delivering L & D training in the forces. The practitioners (all alumni of the forces’ officer academies) posses developed and authentic leadership qualities gained from recent operational experience and significant sailing experience. They can be adjusted to appeal to all layers of an organisation, specific teams, or a wide selection of employees from across the organisation.

Developing Engaged Employees through Forces’ Inspired Leadership & Development Training.

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